Coach List

The Scottish Karate Governing Body (SKGB) as the governing body for Karate in Scotland holds an Approved Coaching status awarded by SCOTVEC. In terms of coaching, this means that the SKGB can award coaching qualifications to candidates who fulfil all of the agreed criteria.

It is a requirement that all Shitokai Scotland instructors hold an SKGB coaching award at an appropriate level. The criteria for a coaching award is as listed below and may be amended at any time by the SKGB.

Level 1 – Qualified to Instruct under the supervision of a Level 2 Coach

  • Successful attendance at an approved first aid course
  • Have acquired basic teaching skills accepted by Shitokai Scotland
  • Hold a grade recognised by the SKGB
  • Complete annual registration
  • Be of a reputable character, providing at least two references from suitable sources and any further proof necessary
  • Hold a current Shitokai Scotland licence and adequate professional indemnity
  • Uphold the Constitution and Rules of both the SKGB and Shitokai Scotland

Level 2 – Qualified to instruct at Club Level and to assist at Association Level

  • Must fulfil all of the requirements for Level 1
  • Must be a minimum grade of Shodan (Black Belt 1st Dan)
  • Must have successfully completed coaching courses as required by the SKGB
    For example:

    • Coaching Children
    • Fitness and Flexibility
    • Speed and Strength
    • First Aid
    • Health and Nutrition
  • Attend refresher courses every 3 years or as stipulated by the SKGB

SKGB registered coaches

Name Level Licence No.
Mr. T. Connell Level 3 132
Mr. R McQueen Level 3 138
Mr. P. Speed Level 3 91
Mr. L. Clifford Level 3 96
Mr. S. Clifford Level 2
Mr. I. McCloy Level 2 90
Mr. R. Stewart Level 2 120
Mr. D Forbes Level 2 95
Mr. W. Money Level 2 92
Ms. J. O’Neill Level 2 98
Mr. D. McCorquodale Level 2 136
Ms. T. Deans Level 2 137
Mr. B. Denholm Level 2 93
Mr. I. Cowan Level 2
Mr. D. MaGowan Level 2 139
Mr. W. Hamilton Level 2 97
Mr. F. McMillan Level 2
Ms. S. Connell Level 2
Mr. M. Douglas Level 2