Mission Statement

The Shitokai Scotland Association is a Shito-ryu Karate association providing instruction in both traditional and sport Karate, through its association with other like minded individuals/organisations with similar goals.

Our mission is to provide only the best training opportunities and education to all our members, regardless of race, ethnic origin, gender or religion.

We will achieve this by;

1. Inviting only world class instructors to teach regularly at Association events.

2. Ensuring all Association coaches are qualified to at least the minimum standards required by the Scottish Karate Governing Body (SKGB), through the relevant Sport Scotland/SKGB training requirements coupled with the Association’s own training schedule.

3. Providing a safe environment for all, especially children and vulnerable adults to train free from physical, mental or sexual abuse. This will be achieved through coach education and by having regular Enhanced Scottish Criminal Records Office (ESCRO) vetting checks, in accordance with SKGB/Government guidelines.

4. Educating all students and instructors through publication and issue of technical information such as Katas, techniques, terminology, grading syllabus etc. as well as non-technical information such as Karate history, newsletters, handbooks. This will be done via appropriate media formats such as booklets and or CD/DVD or video.

5. Participating at all levels within the SKGB ,the only governing body for Karate in Scotland and providing officials, referees, judges etc., thus maintaining our position at the forefront of Scottish/British Karate.

6. Committing resources and financial assistance where appropriate, to allow our elite competitors and officials to participate at the highest level.