Constitution & Rules

1    Name

The Association shall be known as SHITOKAI SCOTLAND (known herein as the Association).

2    Object

2.1    The instruction and promotion of Shito-Ryu Karate and the martial arts in Scotland and abroad. This will include both traditional Karate instruction, competition (Sport) karate and refereeing/judging at approved events.

3   Management Committee / Office Bearers

3.1    The affairs of the Club shall be conducted by a Management Committee, consisting of a maximum of 6 number senior grades, elected from within the Association membership.

3.2    The above mentioned Committee Members shall serve for a maximum period of 2 years, after which time re-election shall be necessary to serve on the committee for the following 2 year period.

3.3    Elections shall be held every 2 years for the purpose of electing Committee Members and Office Bearers.

3.4    Office Bearers of the Club shall consist of a Chairperson, Secretary and a Treasurer.

3.5    All members of the Management Committee shall have obtained the minimum Shito-Ryu grade of Sandan (3rd Dan).

3.6    Ordinary members of the Club shall have voting rights for the sole purpose of election of the Management Committee and may only make representations to the Management Committee through an existing member of that Committee.

3.7    All appointees to the position of Office Bearer shall be so appointed from within the elected Management Committee members on a unanimous vote.

3.8    The above mentioned Committee Members/Office Bearers shall be subject to removal on grounds of negligence or incompetence, to be determined by the remaining Committee Members.  Furthermore a member of the Management Committee may retire at his own inclination or on the request of the remaining members of the Management Committee.

3.9    Each member of the Management Committee who transacts business on behalf of the Association shall give an account of such transactions to the Management Committee.

3.10    The Chairperson for all Management Committee meetings shall be the senior grade present at that meeting should the elected Chairperson be unable to attend.

3.11    The Management Committee shall meet as frequently as is deemed necessary to conduct the Association’s business.  Any member of the Management Committee may call for such a meeting with the consent of one of the Office Bearers, or by obtaining a majority of votes from other members of the Management Committee.

3.12    Where an item of business is to be discussed in which any member of the Management Committee has a special interest, that member shall declare such interest.

4   Office Bearer Duties

The duties of the Office Bearers shall be as follows;

4.1 Secretary
a)    Responsible for sending out notices of all meetings together with an agenda to all members of the Management Committee.
b)    Keep minutes of all meetings of the Management Committee.
c)    Responsible for all necessary correspondence between the Club and other     bodies as required to fulfill the aims of the Club, with the exception of all corresponence deemed necessary which falls under the auspices of he Treasurer’s duties.

4.2    Treasurer
a)    Receive all monies due to the Club from course fees, licence fees,     donations etc.
b)    Make all payments necessary for accommodation charges, advertising, affiliation fees, Public  Liability insurance cover for the Association, course/travel subsidies and all other payments as directed by the Management Committee.
c)    Make adequate banking arrangements for the Association.
d)    Report on Association finances at each meeting of the Management     Committee or as required.
e)    Prepare an income and expenditure account and balance sheet for the Association’s financial year.
f)    Advise the Management Committee of all major financial transactions.
g)    Submit all records required for an audit to be placed before the Management Committee if they so request.

4.3    Chairperson
a)    To arrange for the agendas and minutes of meetings to be sent out to all relevant individuals.
b)    To chair all meetings of the Association.
c)    To arrange for the minutes to be taken of all meetings.
d)    To represent the Association at any other relevant meetings of the Scottish Karate Governing Body (SKGB) or any other organisation’s meetings which the Association may benefit from attending.

5   Licence, Grading and Course Fees

The Management Committee shall determine the cost of licence, grading and course fees, all of which are to be reviewed annually. This duty is only for monies due to the Association for communal activities such as courses, adult gradings and Association licence fees. All other fees such as club memberships, junior gradings, club mat fees etc. are to be the sole prerogative of the individual member clubs for which the said clubs will have full autonomy.

6   Independent Audit

The Management Committee, at the request of at least 3 of its members, may appoint an independent auditor.

7    Alterations to Constitution and Rules

The Constitution and rules of the Club cannot be altered without a unanimous decision of the Management Committee.

8    Presentation Criteria for Grading

8.1    All students presenting themselves for Kyu grading examinations must have trained regularly over the 3-4 month period immediately prior to the grading.  The Chief Instructor’s decisions are final.

8.2    All Association members intending to present themselves for gradings must be in possession of a current licence.

9   Licence Requirement

All Association members must purchase a Shitokai Scotland licence within 2 weeks of beginning training at the Club and the licence must be in date prior to presenting themselves for a grading.  This licence must be renewed annually.

10    Professional Indemnity Insurance

It is the responsibility of all Club Instructors to hold current Professional Indemnity Insurance cover. This is also a requirement for all instructors who are registered as coaches with the Scottish Karate Governing Body (SKGB). Such qualifications are mandatory for all Shitokai Scotland Instructors, which will entail passing all required modules for such a coaching qualification as laid down by SKGB as well as agreeing to an Enhanced Scottish Criminal Records Office (ESCRO) check.

10.1    The Association Treasurer will re-imburse Professional Indemnity Insurance cover payments made to Sports Coach UK by Club Instructors. It is a mandatory requirement for all instructors to insure themselves for this purpose through their membership of Sports Coach UK.

11   Member to Member Insurance

Member to Member accidental injury insurance cover is not provided for members by the Association. Personal accident insurance cover is the responsibility of individual members should they require it. Kumite competitors are of course at a much higher risk than most to accidental injury and personal injury insurance should be a serious consideration for Kumite competitors.

12   Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance cover for the Association will be organized by the Association Treasurer annually. This will cover all Association level events and general indemnity cover for office bearers.

13    Dojo Etiquette

Correct Dojo etiquette must be adhered to at all times.


In the event of dissolution of the Association, no funds or property shall be paid or distributed to members of the Association.  any funds or property remaining shall be applied to an organisation with objects similar to those of the Association, or to charitable or other purposes approved by the Management Committee.

15    Right of Claim

15.1    No member or guest of the Association or their executors or assignees whosoever, shall have any right to claim against the Association or any affiliated club or its appointees for any death, personal injury, property loss or damage arising from that member, affiliated member or guest’s voluntary participation in the Association or affiliated club’s or other organisation’s activities.

15.2    Further notwithstanding the above provision, no member or affiliated member or guest of the Association shall have the right of claim against a fellow member, affiliated member or guest of the Club for death personal injury, property loss or damage arising from that member , affiliated member or guest’s voluntary participation in the Association or affiliated club’s activities.

15.3    All guests training at Association Clubs prior to taking out a Membership/Licence shall be asked to sign a disclaimer indemnifying the Club Instructor, Club and Association against any claims due to personal loss or injury while participating in Club/Association activities.

16    Safety of Children

The safety of all children training within the Association is paramount. All club instructors must have attended the relevant coaching courses as required by the SKGB and Sport Scotland, which are relevant to the coaching, and protection of children.

16.1    In this regard all clubs must operate a “meet and greet” system whereby young children are dropped off and picked up by responsible adults from the training hall ie not dropped off or picked up from the car park.

16.2    All club instructors must also be aware and on their guard for improper use of photographic material in newsletters, newspapers internet etc. No individual without due cause should be allowed entry into any training hall to photograph or video children while they are training.

16.3    All Club Instructors are required to familiarise themselves with the requirements of the SKGB Child Protection Policy which is the protection standard the Association has agreed to adopt.