Black Belts

Achievement of a Black Belt is the culmination of many years of hard work by a student to reach the standard required for such an award. The award of a Shitokai black belt is not taken lightly as the standards of the Association are held in the highest regard throughout the Karate community.This is not simply through our success in the competitive arena but also due to our basic technical excellence in traditional Shito-Ryu Karate which underlies everything we achieve. The quality of our black belts is something we are very proud of and are committed to maintain both now and in the future.

Those named in the following list have successfully achieved our exacting standards for the grade held. Also, all Shitokai Scotland Dan grades are now automatically ratified with the SKGB as Sensei Connell is a qualified SKGB grading examiner.

Black Belt List

Grade Name SKGB Ratification No. Date
7th Dan Terry Connell 436 04/03/2002
5th Dan Rab McQueen 431 04/03/2002
5th Dan Paul Speed 446 04/03/2002
5th Dan Lawrence Clifford 424 04/03/2002
4th Dan Ian McCloy Pending 3rd Dan 04/03/2002
4th Dan David Forbes Pending 3rd Dan 04/03/2002
4th Dan Edward Dollochin Pending 2nd Dan 04/03/2002
4th Dan Ronald Sweeney Pending 3rd Dan 04/03/2002
4th Dan Ronald Stewart Pending 3rd Dan 04/03/2002
3rd Dan Brian Denholm Pending 2nd Dan 04/03/2002
3rd Dan Frank McMillan Pending
3rd Dan Willie Money 458 04/03/2002
3rd Dan Jimmy Louden 432 04/03/2002
3rd Dan Jeannette O’Neill Pending 2nd Dan 04/03/2002
3rd Dan Willie Hamilton 359 13/11/2001
3rd Dan Bernard McNulty 112 13/02/1996
3rd Dan Steve Mallon 109 13/02/1996
2nd Dan Paul Canning 100 13/02/1996
2nd Dan Tina Deans Pending
2nd Dan Stephanie Connell Pending 1st Dan 04/03/2002
2nd Dan Martin Douglas Pending 1st Dan 04/03/2002
2nd Dan Martin Law 428 04/03/2002
2nd Dan Carol Innes Pending 1st Dan 04/03/2002
2nd Dan Sam Mansfield 334 12/07/1998
2nd Dan Dougie McCorquodale 421 04/03/2002
2nd Dan Mark Marshall 439 04/03/2002
2nd Dan James Louden 106 13/02/1996
2nd Dan Alan Rodger 162 20/04/1996
2nd Dan Daniel McGrogan 161 20/04/1996
2nd Dan Archie Barr 268 20/05/1997
2nd Dan John Graham 103 13/02/1996
1st Dan Steve Fletcher 451 04/03/2002
1st Dan Thomas Bowman Pending
1st Dan David Magowan 448 04/03/2002
1st Dan Steve Clifford 426 04/03/2002
1st Dan Christopher Dowdalls 430 04/03/2002
1st Dan Alan Barr 453 04/03/2002
1st Dan Mark Stewart Pending Shodan-Ho 04/03/2002
1st Dan Adi Schmid Pending
1st Dan Louis Miller 427 04/03/2002
1st Dan Gary Donald Pending
1st Dan Thomas Reid 176 20/04/1996
1st Dan Stuart Laurie Pending
1st Dan Alison Watt 422 04/03/2002
1st Dan Peter Kelly Pending
1st Dan Adrian Meehan 447 04/03/2002
1st Dan Colin Weir Pending
1st Dan Moira Forbes 441 04/03/2002
1st Dan John Durning 435 04/03/2002
1st Dan John Hallett Pending Shodan-Ho 04/03/2002
1st Dan Erin Meldrum Pending Shodan-Ho 04/03/2002
1st Dan Ian Meldrum 442 04/03/2002
1st Dan John Meehan 443 04/03/2002
1st Dan Kyriacos Kyriacou Pending
1st Dan NIcolas Kyriacou 457 04/03/2002
1st Dan Lisa Henderson Pending
1st Dan Ian Cowan Pending
1st Dan Gary Spiers Pending
1st Dan Sarah Allison Pending
1st Dan Lee McKinnon 102 13/02/1996
1st Dan Richard Giffden 266 20/05/1997
1st Dan Louise Giffen 449 04/03/2002
1st Dan Charlene Munro 450 04/03/2002
1st Dan Michelle McKinley 267 20/05/1997
1st Dan Martin McKinstry 444 04/03/2002
1st Dan Paul Moore 445 04/03/2002
1st Dan Robbie McKeeve 455 04/03/2002
1st Dan Vasilys Kousaris 456 04/03/2002
Shodan-Ho Stacey McKinnon 269 20/05/1997
Shodan-Ho John McIntyre 270 20/05/1997
Shodan-Ho David Wan 271 20/05/1997
Shodan-Ho Mark Douglas 462 04/03/2002
Shodan-Ho Craig Glen 463 04/03/2002